Edinburgh – The Town Centre and Parliment

Not just allowed out of London but out of England as well!
A short trip to Edinburgh: A smart, imposing city but, to this Londoner, very small!

Here are a few images from the Old Town

Starting with the Royal Mile which runs from the Palace and Parliament up the hill to the Castle and runs through the centre of the Old Town. As you’d expect all the tourist shops seem to be centred here.

There are three main hills: the Castle, Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill.
Here are some views of and from the top of Calton Hill as well as the Castle and Arthur’s Seat.

The passages off the Royal Mile are called Vennals and are worth a visit in themselves


A few photos of the Scott Monument (including the Flower clock in the adjacent park), celebrating writer Sir Walter Scott:

At the bottom of the Royal Mile is the Palace of Holyrood (which I didn’t visit) and the Parliament building which is very impressive.

A map of Edinburgh

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