What The Model Saw

One of my other lives is working as a model as both photographic (adverts, magazine etc) and artist’s (portrait, artistic etc).
This is a series of images from the model’s viewpoint of a very busy week.
(I’m available to be photographed, Filmed, Drawn, Painted, Cast etc etc)

Tuesday: Artistic magazine photo shoot.
Photo shoots always seem to be freezing, The place will be a pigsty, photographers never eat and if you’re lucky you’ll get Jaffa Cakes.

Thursday: Artistic Portrait Class.
Much more organized, Very middle class and much better food.

The class (Morning & Afternoon):

The artist’s pallet:

The Finished Product:

Friday: A art shoot with Josh Redman – let’s hope for a book or show.
(And it was freezing!)

Saturday: Filming a YouTube sketch in Hampstead.
The film is called “Press A for Redemption” and due for release “soon”
We extras had a great time and are all expecting a Bafta!

The Cast:

The Crew and Set:



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