New Camera - Tower Bridge Light Trails

Adventures with my New Camera – Tower Bridge Light Trails

On any night, if it’s not raining, you find a dozen photographers on Tower Bridge all after one thing: Light Trails
Here are some of mine:

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Photographic Thames Walk 2

Photographic Walk 2

Another nightime walk along the Thames.
These are the highlights….


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I’ve fallen head over heels with a staircase in Broadgate – so cool!

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A Photography walk

A Photography walk from the London Eye to Tower Bridge

Stopping at various photo ops for group shooting.
It went too fast for me! and there wasn’t enough stops (straight past the undercroft on the Southbank).
I think the distance covered was too far – we should have caught the tube.

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Kew Gardens Processed Orchids

Orchids – Processed Images

A few images from the Orchid Exhibition at Kew Gardens processed by myself.
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Kew Gardens Feb 19

Kew Gardens

My first ever visit to Kew gardens
I’ve split everything into three pages:


Kew Gardens Orchids

Kew Gardens Feb’19

The Orchid Exhibition

Kew Gardens Feb’19 – The Orchid exhibition
Wonderful Colours but get there early – it gets packed (and my camera lenses kept getting steamed up!)


Kew Gardens The grounds

Kew Garden Feb’19
The Grounds

Kew Gardens in Feb’19 – A few photos from the grounds on a lovely day

The Palm house and area around the lake.

It was impossible to take photos inside due to my lenses steaming up.

The Rock Garden and “The Hive”

The Pergoda


Camera 4 - Miscellaneous

Adventures with my camera 4
Miscellaneous Objects

1. The weather (It was cold, windy and pouring down: just horrible)

2. Stickman and other household objects

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Design Museum 2

Design Museum –
Latest Exhibitions

A trip to the design Museum for the latest exhibitions – Home Futures and David Adjaye: Making Memory

David Adjaye: Making Memories
A series of built or proposed projects – not bad.

Home Futures
Looking at today’s homes through the predictions of architects and designers over the past.
Very good and surprising how often hunches came true