A Day out in Shoeburyness
(next door to Southend)

A trip into the unknown, I chose this off the map not knowing what to expect. What I got was was, physically, not much: no fish’n chips shops, nobody on the beach and no tourists (heaven). What I did get was HUGE skies , endless views and loads of military furniture.

Big Skies:
This was a complete suprise and I just hope I’ve them done justice.

Beach Furniture:
This was always part of the front line of defence over the centuries – This is a anti submarine barrier that goes on for ever (you can see the forts in the background).

Beach Huts:
Even I can read these numbers.

Naval Base:
At one end of town is the submarine barrier at thr other end is the Naval base, now disused. Comprising a huge base (no pictures) plus the defenses on the sea front.


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